Extreme Science: Inertia Sticks

Grand Opening

What you will need:

  • One 3x5, 4x6 or 5x8 note card
  • Scissors
  • Adult supervision


1) Fold note card in half as shown:

2) Carefully cut your card as shown. Each cut should alternate beginning from the folded side, with the next cut beginning from the opposite side and so on. Each cut should be approximately ¼” from each other and stop approximately ¼” from the end as shown.

3) Carefully unfold your card just enough to cut down the fold. DO NOT cut your card the entire length of the fold. This final cut should begin at the first cut as shown and continue down the length of the fold until you reach the last cut.

What is going on?

You wouldn’t think it was possible to pass your entire body through a 3X5 card! As you can see, when you cut the card the right way you have now made a hole larger than the card itself. By cutting this card into small connected strips, you now have an opening where the circumference of the opening is equal to the lengths of ALL of the cuts that you just made!

Try this:

See how small of a card you can cut in this manner and still be able to fit your body through it. You could also get creative and try cutting the card in a different manner to see if there is any other way that you can make an even larger opening.

Radical Rick

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