SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. – Back in August, we brought you a story that touched hearts of so many in our community. A Spokane Valley mother pleading with doctors to do something, anything to try to save her 31-year-old son as he was losing the battle against COVID. He has since been released from the hospital and has made an incredible recovery.

The story went viral when the mother publicly pushed her son's medical team to try Hydroxychloroquine. Doctors later explained to her that due to other health battles her son is going through, that wasn't an option for him. Even without the experimental drugs, her son was able to successfully battle the virus.

Masen Bacon was already in the hospital for another medical condition when he somehow contracted COVID-19. The virus quickly took over his body.

“I remember, I woke up in the ICU after a week,” Masen said. “I didn't recognize my nurses or the room. They were coming in full gear and that freaked me out. They explained and I understood.”

And it was only in those days, he realized just how hard his mother had fought to get his story out and our community behind him. There were vigils with loved ones, prayer chains and so many of our viewers thinking about the family.

“I remember the first thing I said out loud was, sounds about right,” he said. “My mother is an amazing human being.”

His mother, Kat, asked KHQ to share his story, and share we did. And you did, our viewers, thousands of times. The family believes all of the positive energy really did help.

“Considering everything we've been through the past few months, I'm doing really well,” Masen said. “It's been a rough one and I still have a ways to go.”

Masen says his main memory of the battle with COVID was pain and confusion.

“I remember, with the medications I was getting and lack of sleep, I was very delusional,” he said. “Things were very confusing.”

But he says so much is clear now. And for that, he credits the medical professionals who worked tirelessly to help him get through this.

“Everyone was super sweet,” he said. “The fact that they went above and beyond to make sure I was alight was absolutely awesome. I can't thank the staff at Valley hospital enough. It was definitely a trip I won't soon forget.”

Masen still has a home nurse and physical therapists care for him. He says he feels more like himself with each passing day.