COEUR d' ALENE, Idaho - Students in the Coeur d' Alene School District (CDASD) may soon switch to online classes as schools in the district see a sixth of their teachers out sick and requesting substitutes. 

"Other teachers, administrators and staff from around the District have stepped up to help fill gaps, but that only goes so far," CDASD Superintendent Dr. Shon Hocker said in a letter to families.

While Hocker said the district is offering more money to subs to help fill the gaps, he said there are dozens of unfilled positions on any given day.

The district isn't canceling their in-person classes yet. They said they will continue to hold classes as staffing permits but there may be a point in which they can't keep their buildings open. 

CDASD plans to give parents as much as a heads up as possible before going online. They said elementary schools kids will be sent home with Chromebook laptops and secondary students will be expected to have theirs.

The letter from the district said if they decide online learning is necessary, it could last for days, weeks or longer depending on staffing needs.