SPOKANE, Wash. -- When life gives you lemons, pub owner Tim O'doherty's motto is you make green lemonade, or better yet, green beer. 

St. Patrick's Day 2020 might not have brought in quite as much green as previous years, but O'doherty's owner Tim O'Doherty is focusing on the real pot of gold. The people he loves.

"I have a lot of love in my heart for the city, my family, the Lord," he said. "It's a beautiful day. It's Irish Christmas come on.

Tim O'doherty has stayed incredibly optimistic through all of the rapid changes surrounding COVID-19, even when he received word that business as usual was no longer permitted.

St. Patrick's Day, and the days leading up to it, are when his pub thrives. O'doherty refused to let these changes get him down, but he did ask KHQ's 'Help Me Hayley' for one thing to keep that positive momentum going. On Monday morning, he asked Hayley for help connecting with the city to designate a free parking space in front of his downtown location for those picking up take-out.

"We need to get this changed so we can take food out to our customers," he said. "Hayley, if you can help with this, that would be fantastic."

Hayley called Spokane City Council President Breean Beggs who said the city was on it and already doing whatever they could to help these businesses. Monday evening, they sent out a press release saying in part:

"In order to support local business during COVID-19 restrictions, of Spokane is reserving on-street parking in metered areas that allow citizens and delivery drivers to park for free for 10 minutes to pick up to-go orders. 

Watch for the bright yellow signs on parking meters that identify those free spaces designed to encourage and facilitate the adjustments local restaurants and retailers are having to make during this time. Over 700 placards are being deployed in the on-street metered parking area in the core of the City today.

“It is a delicate balance between taking drastic social distancing measures and supporting local businesses. We hope the public will take advantage of the opportunity to #OrderUpSpokane,” says Mayor Nadine Woodward.

Mayor Woodward has also been leading by example, posting photos of the take-out she was picking up to keep small businesses afloat during this difficult time.

Tuesday morning, Tim O'doherty was thrilled to see new designated parking signs up in front of his location. It certainly helped with a rush of orders throughout the day.

"Look around at the blessings that we have," he said on a brief break from the kitchen. "We got this."

Businesses that do not have yellow placards near their locations in the next day can request placards by emailing parkspokane@spokanecity.org.