Company pokes fun and 'sells' social distancing sticks

A North Carolina hardware store now has social distancing sticks, having some fun with the idea of staying apart while making a serious point during the coronavirus pandemic.

This is what you see at the front door of the ace hardware store in snow hill.

An employee said his boss came up with the idea to have a little fun with the concept that we're hearing so much about these days.

Although the sign said the sticks are one dollar each, the store isn't really selling them but they definitely put a smile on customers' faces.

"Lot of times they come in first, and when they see me, they just start smiling and carrying on and joking with me, saying, 'where's your stick at this day?' or something like that. That's basically what they'll do -- just laugh about it," Sales Associate Moses Hagans said.

Aside from the humor, Hagans says the message of hand washing and keeping your distance from others is still paramount.