SPOKANE, Wash. -- Proof of vaccination is becoming more and more critical as some locations throughout the country are requiring it for entry to various businesses. One man says he was concerned after being notified his vaccination card is not backed up by state records.

“I was grateful, yeah,” said Dan ‘Mike’ Kenney when asked about his reaction to getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

“And it was so easy at the Arena,” he said.

Kenney’s vaccination card states on February 23, he received dose number two of Moderna. His card states he got his first dose on January 31. He’s been fully vaccinated for months now making a recent call from the state so shocking.

“What’s so strange is they contacted me,” he said. “They said someone in your household has not had their second shot.”

Both he and his wife headed to look at their ‘MY IR’ vaccination records, and sure enough, his said ‘vaccination series not complete’ for COVID-19.

“Someone recorded my first shot as my second shot, it shows I didn't get a second,” he said.

Kenney says he's worked the phones, sent multiple emails to CHAS, who is listed on his card, as well as the Department of Health asking for help fixing this mix-up. He also went to his own doctor who told him more verification was needed for their office to help.

He says he worries if his card was ever questioned, and it didn’t match official records, it could cause an unnecessary headache.

“It's a vicious circle,” he said. “The DOH tells you to go to CHAS or your doctor, doctor says we need proof from CHAS.”

Finally, he called our ‘Help Me Hayley’ for help for himself yes, but also to urge all of us to check out our own status to verify it reflects what it should.

"People need to (know) their immunization records might not be correct,” he said.

We immediately reached out to the Department of Health and provided documentation from Kenney, including his vaccine card. Within hours of looking into the matter, they said they would be updating his state records as the batch information on his COVID-19 card checked out. They say it should be reflected in his chart in the coming days, if not sooner.

They say while this issue is ‘extremely unique’ and not one they have seen come up before, they urge anyone with an issue to call 1-833-VAX-HELP (829-4357)