HELP ME HAYLEY: Spokane father unable to send care package to daughter serving overseas via Amazon


Hayley spent her day Monday trying to get to the bottom of the frustrating situation. A spokesperson told her they were working on a fix. Monday evening, Hayley received an email that they had found one.

"We noticed an unfortunate glitch in our system over the weekend that did not allow some items to be shipped to military addresses," an Amazon spokesperson told Hayley via email "We worked quickly to fix the issue, and thank our customers for their patience and understanding."

Tuesday morning Hayley reached out to Mark, who was already aware of the fix, he received a text from his elated daughter.  

Mark says her daughter is ecstatic to once again be able to easily get those small but mighty comforts from home.

"I was online for hours with Amazon trying to get help, I didn't get any," Marks said. "At the same time I'm trying them, I'm typing Hayley a message. Less than 24 hours later, it's fixed. My daughter is very happy. So are all (her colleagues.)"


SPOKANE, Wash. -- While millions are hunkering down at home to slow the spread of COVID 19, there are many who cannot because their jobs are to keep the rest of us safe. Those serving our country in the military are also feeling the effects, but often do not have the option to be with family

Mark Nygren knows that all to well. He and his wife miss their daughter every single day. Mark can't help but beam with pride when talking about her military career.

"She's overseas right now, working in the medical field," he said. "She's been on a seven-month deployment. They have suspended troop movements, so she's over there for another couple of months."

Mark says she is clearly happy to do it. She's honored to serve our great country, but she still misses the little luxuries from home. Her latest requests from dad included a Toby Keith CD, a nice razor, and some of her favorite snacks. The little things really are the big things right now, and Mark is happy to help her.

"I have sent her care packages using Amazon Prime, and I've had no problem sending them to her overseas using the APO (Army Post Office) system," he said. "Within the last week, I'm getting errors saying we can not ship to that address at this time. Military addresses. Correct."

An article published by, shows she's not the only one who has faced this problem in recent weeks.

A follow up article done by indicated the 'glitch in the system' was corrected, but Mark's situation Monday shows there are still problems.

"There are certain comfort items everyone likes," he said. "My daughter and her colleagues can't order off of Amazon. It's a connection from home. They are isolated geographically. Now, with the Coronavirus, they are also isolated a lot within their base. It's just a connection." 

One the men and women serving our country clearly need.

"There are a lot of people struggling right now," Mark said. "But we need to support our military. I just want to hear from Amazon."

Mark tried for hours to get answers on his own, with no luck.

"I've been online to their help services with no help," he said. "I got frustrated trying to figure it out. I felt like I kept hitting a roadblock. So I said, 'Help Me Hayley.'"

Hayley spent her day Monday trying to figure out what can be done to correct the problem. She reached out to multiple contacts within Amazon. And is waiting for a response. This article will be updated soon.

To protect the integrity surrounding what his daughter does, Mark was not comfortable disclosing where she is currently serving.