SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -- A local medical professional is struggling to get approval from her HOA to be able to stay in a trailer on her property. She is working shifts, starting Monday, which will lead to likely exposure to COVID19 patients. She wanted to self isolate in her family's trailer, parked in their driveway, to protect her children while still being able to see them through the glass.

"I am a nurse," said Justine Jones. "I have quite a bit of experience working in the emergency room and in the Pediatric ICU. I recently started in case management, but because of my experience, I volunteered to help more on the front lines as Coronavirus hits harder in the hospitals."

The world needs people like Justine Jones now more than ever before. She's willing to risk her own safety to care for strangers.

"In doing that, I just want to keep my family safe since I'm going to be exposed a lot," she told KHQ's Help me Hayley. "My easy resolution was to be able to stay in my trailer, in my driveway."

It was the only way she could help families like yours, while still protecting her own.

"If I'm going to be on the front lines exposed every day while I'm out there working, I don't want to bring it home to my three and four-year-old," Justine said. "My four-year-old could be susceptible due to some respiratory (issues) he has. I need to keep them safe, first."

Justine says she knows, having her trailer parked in her driveway for more than 48 hours is against HOA policy, but she thought it there was ever a time for an immediate exception, this would be it.

"I thought there was no way something like that would be enforced in this kind of situation," she said.

But she says the HOA told her doing this could result in a daily fine.

"It is crazy with all of this going on and as we need to isolate and take of each other, that the (those running) the HOA are taking this kind of power trip," she said. "I need someone with more power than them, so I can stay close to my family. I thought (Hayley) could help me."

And that's what Hayley has spent the past three days trying to do. She reached out to the HOA of the Turtle Creek Neighborhood first on Saturday. She received a response, but was told Monday that email was not their official statement. They sent one, in full, that can be found at the bottom of the article.

The statement from Nicolaas Van Diijen on behalf of the Turtle Creek HOA North Board Members" state in part, 'The HOA is still considering her request.' It went onto say they want 'supporting documentation as to her COVID 19 deployment.' 

Justine says she offered to provide them with her credentials, but doesn’t want to take up time from busy hospital staff when they are already dealing with enough. 

"Unfortunately I don't feel like this is the time to request a letter from the man in charge of all of the surge staffing between Deaconess and valley hospital so that I can park my trailer in my own driveway during a time of crisis and not get fined," Justine wrote to the HOA in an email. "...I can show you my work badge. I'm sorry you feel that I might not be truthful about needing to isolate myself from my family and that you need to request proof."

"We're in a global pandemic," she told Hayley. "It would be a waste for those directors to have to take the time to write a letter for me to be able to stay in a trailer, in my own driveway."

Response from Turtle Creek HOA North Board Members: 

"Haley Geunther,  

    The response that you received prior was not intended for you and was not the HOA statement. 

We, the Officers of Turtle Creek North HOA, appreciate the opportunity to reply on the voiced concern regarding temporary housing for self-isolation in regards to a healthcare professional that is to be deployed to the ER for COVID -19 response whom lives within our Home Owners Association.

In response to Ms. Jones’ original request to place her RV in her driveway to conduct COVID 19 self-isolation. We expressed to Ms. Jones that we appreciate our first responders, frontline workers and healthcare professionals through these tough times and want to help as best we can. Ms. Jones was informed that despite the codes of the City of Spokane Valley, our HOA Protective Covenants and Restrictions for North Turtle Creek as well as the HOA By-laws, that are not in support of her request, the HOA is still considering her request to allow her to leave an RV in her driveway, to live in, while on COVID 19 deployment. The HOA has advised Ms. Jones of this agreement and asked that she supply supporting documentation as to her COVID 19 deployment. HOA homeowners may file complaints to the HOA for such a violation and the requested documentation is only to provide transparency to the HOA community.

We, the officers of the HOA, were and still are, willing to work with Ms. Jones as we feel it is important for our community to support our neighbors during these trying times. Again, the requested documentation is only to provide transparency to the HOA community.

Thank you,

Turtle Creek HOA North Board Members"