SPOKANE, Wash. -- Identity theft is one of the most frustrating crimes we can face. It's violating. It's a hassle. And it cost both precious time and money.

Those are two things one Cheney man who had his identity stolen, says he doesn't have right now.

"Things are going to start getting tough," the man said. 

Because this man has been victimized, he doesn't want his name out there. He says like millions of Americans right now, he too is temporarily out of work.

"My job apparently is not available until May 15th," he said. "And if this doesn't get straightened out with unemployment, I don't know how much longer I can go. "

Especially with a big problem popping up with unemployment benefits.

"I got a letter asking about employment at this (west side) company," he said. "I have never worked for them. I hadn't even heard from them before all this."

But he says someone using his name and identity is.

"They have to confirm (my work history) there, which I never have," he said. 

He claims the suspect was somehow able to obtain a driver's license in his name. He received a letter from the Department of Licensing stating in part, "this letter is to inform you that another person obtained a document in your name at the Washington State Department of Licensing."

The DOL letter went on to say, "At this time, a comment has been placed on the record to help prevent any future fraudulent activity. Please note, however, this comment may not prevent any such individual from using your name with law enforcement for criminal purposes."

The letter advised him to make reports with law enforcement, which the man has done with multiple agencies.

"I've contacted lawyers, police officers, the FBI, I've looked everywhere for help," he said.

And now he's turning to our 'Help Me Hayley.'

He wants justice. While he would be pleased to see an arrest for the crime against him, what he really wants immediately is the ability to collect on the benefits he is entitled to. 

He says he reached out to the company where his alleged identity thief works to get them to verify he is not an employee.

"I spoke with a fraud specialist," he said. "They are waiting for a letter from them.

Because the wait has continued, Hayley also called the company. They told Hayley their employee displayed a valid ID and until all of this, they had no reason to question him. They say they are fulling willing to send whatever the victim needs to straighten this out with unemployment. They did not say if any consequences will come for their employee allegedly using the victim's name.