Hot Yoga Studio, Beyoutiful, just like the year 2020, is transitioning between the restrictions of Covid-19.

Usually welcoming in teens to adult yogis, this weekend, they welcomed their doors to new clients.

Beyoutiful Hot Yoga says this change is bringing back old traditions.

"So far it's just been a really good flow, everyone has been really grateful to have the opportunity to just put another photo for 2020 and more to come, it's keeping the tradition in a whole new way," yoga instructor, Jesse Skala said.

School aged kiddos and their parents moved socially distant out of the yoga studio, which had to makeshift into a photography studio for the time being.

Photographer Jenn Alberts said, she's just happy to help. 

"I had so many people yesterday that were so thankful for the photos that it was really nice to hear that everyone was like 'it's so nice to have these school pictures'," said Alberts. 

On top of leaving with new 2020 pictures, a main part of this new set up is to encourage people to give back before thanksgiving next week. 

"To give back any way we can support the community, we are all just trying to support each other the best way we can-Just to add the element of lets add food, whatever we can do, all these little things that fit together as a whole is great," added Alberts. 

Beyoutiful Hot Yoga says they will be holding more student picture sessions in the next few weeks and you can check here for new details.