The CDC's is now recommending that Americans wear a cloth mask when they go out.  KHQ has an easy way for you to make one. All it requires is a bandana and two rubber bands or hair ties. 

18x18 is the recommended size but you can also use something a bit larger like 20 x20. 
1. take the top and fold it into the middle and take the bottom and fold it into the middle. so you now have two even sections. 
2. Fold it over one more time so the flaps are in the middle. 
3. Slide the rubber bands on each side, about a third of the way to the middle. The space in the middle should be about the size of your face. 
4. Next, take one end and fold it over and tuck it inside the opposite side. 
5. Adjust the rubber bands so they are on the outside. 
6. Loop the rubber bands over your ears and adjust the mask!