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Wednesday will mark the end of Idaho Governor Brad Little's 21-day stay home order and the Idaho Republican Party is calling Governor Little to reopen the state. 

According to a press release, Idaho Republican Chairman Raúl R. Labrador believes the decision to reopen should be based on not only COVID-19 models but on the analysis of the cost to society. 

"These models predicted our hospitals would be overrun and tens of thousands more people would die even if we followed social distancing measures," Labrador said. 

Labrador said he is encouraging the Idaho leaders to devise a plan to open the state to help resident's physical health, social health, emotional health and the economy. 

"Extending Idaho’s stay-at-home order without modifications and keeping our economy closed for an additional period of time will impose real costs on Idaho families that will be felt for years to come," Larbrador said. 

Idaho Governor Brad Little will hold a press conference Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. where he is expected to announce his plans for the stay home order. You can watch it here, on Wednesday.