Local restaurant battles with third-party delivery services miss-listing their information

It's a convenience but at a cost. So many of us are relying on third-party delivery services especially on this take out Tuesday but local restaurants said be careful. They may be giving your bogus descriptions and the wrong prices.

Local restaurants said each day has been more difficult than the last during the COVID-19 pandemic. That's what makes an ongoing battle with third party delivery companies all the more challenging.

"We're desperate," restaurant owner Teresa Capone said. Her staff is like family and they're all struggling.

"We care about the people that work for us," Capone said.

And they show that by giving it their all to keep them with a paycheck.

"In order to keep our business alive," Capone said, "we started doing curbside and delivery. And we're doing it ourselves. And that's to help our employees stay employed."

They offer free delivery with orders over 25 bucks within six miles of each of their locations.

"Keeps our people working, not somebody else's, no offense. I know a lot of restaurants want to be on these sites, we do not."

But they've found accomplishing that is next to impossible. 

"We have Grub Hub which we just discovered today, saying we are closed. All three of our locations. They're all open," Capone said.

Hayley has been working to try to straighten this mess out for Capone's and already progress.

Hayley just spoke with Grub Hub who had misrepresented the restaurant as closed. Less than an hour after Hayley's call, they complied with Capone's request and removed them completely from their site.

If Hayley can ever help you, email her at Hayley@khq.com.