Mead School District

SPOAKNE, WASH - The Mead School District right is dealing with their highest case count of COVID-19 since returning to school.

Highland Middle School has nine confirmed cases. However, 106 students and one staff member are in quarantine.

Mount Spokane High School has 12 confirmed cases. 156 students and two staff members are in quarantine.

Shiloh Hills Elementary is the only school in the entire district that doesn't have any cases or quarantines.

The District sent us a statement saying in part quote:

We are continuing to follow our covid-19 safety protocols throughout the district while working closely with spokane regional health district when positive cases arise. The protocols have thus far prevented any in-school transmission, and we are encouraging those in our district to continue to be mindful of guidance from both state and local officials, including social gatherings. We hope that our parents, guardians and students recognize that following our protocols and guidance from health officials is allowing us to maintain the option of in-person instruction. We must continue to be diligent together.

Mead is not alone. Nearly every district in eastern Washington and North Idaho is dealing with COVID-19 cases.

The only district that said they have evidence of in-school transmission is Central Valley.