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The Mead School District is reporting a total of six COVID-19 cases in the district. As of Thursday, there's one at Midway Elementary, one at Shiloh Hills Elementary, one at Mountainside Middle School and three at Mead High School.

As for close contacts, there are seven people from Midway Elementary School, two from Shiloh Hills Elementary and 73 from Mead High School in quarantine. 


On Tuesday, the Mead School District reported two more cases of COVID-19. 

According to the Mead School District website, the new cases are at Shiloh Hills Elementary and Mead High School. 

According to the district, two people were exposed to the case at Shiloh Hills and are in quarantine. 

In total, the Mead School District has a total of four COVID-19 cases and 73 people in quarantine. 

Mead School District reports 2 COVID-19 cases