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 Offices to renew licenses from driving to concealed pistol permits are closed in Washington until further notice. While many customers can get their business taken care of online, not all fit the criteria.

KHQ received this Help Me Hayley request from a viewer reading in part, "Hi Hayley. Been trying for a couple weeks to renew my conceal carry permit. Just got back from public (safety) building is where it says to go. They knew of a website to go to, but didn't know the site. Called Sheriff's office, they didn't know."

KHQ worked to get information. We learned while the public window at the Police Records Department inside the Public Safety Building is closed until further notice, they do still have employees working to help. They are able to process firearm transfers and concealed pistol licenses via mail. But only some.

Right now, they can't accept CPL renewals that are more than 90 days behind or any that originated from outside Spokane County. If that's not you, they can likely help VIA mail. They need a CPL application, a copy of your driver's license with a good address and payment. 

More on how to do that can be found here.  KHQ also continues to get Help Me Hayley requests involving matters with your driver's licenses. The Washington DOL has not been given guidance regarding what phase of reopening includes them. 

Their website addresses those needing renewals for driving saying, "the DOL will send letters to persons whose driver license expired after March 1, and have not been renewed and to those who will expire through June 30. These card holders expiration date will be extended for an additional 90 days. The new expiration date will show up on your driver record if it is pulled up by law enforcement. You will not receive a new card." More information can be found here

It is unknown when those needing first time licenses will be able to do so in Washington.