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The number of positive coronavirus cases in North Idaho continues to see an uptick, with 81 more cases confirmed by the Panhandle Health District on Friday.

The Panhandle Health District has reported over 300 cases in the past week, including 90 over the previous weekend, 97 on Thursday and Friday's 81.

There has been a total of 770 confirmed cases in the Panhandle district, with 232 no longer being monitored (538 active cases).

PHD says there are three current and 22 hospitalizations due to COVID-19.

PHD gave the following case breakdown by counties in North Idaho:

Kootenai County: 663 cases, 480 active, 1 death

Benewah County: 22 cases, 8 active

Bonner County: 59 cases, 35 active

Boundary County: 5 case, 4 active

Shoshone County: 8 case, 8 active

Undetermined county: 13 cases, 3 active