SPOKANE, Wash. - An observational study conducted over the past month shows Spokane County residents are increasingly following Washington state's mask mandate.

The study was conducted by volunteers with the Spokane Regional Health District, observing hundreds of men and women at various Spokane County locations and whether they were wearing a face covering/mask or not.

After multiple studies in July, mask-wearing compliance has improved from the 58-68% range all the way up to 93% most recently.

A study conducted the weekend of July 17-19 observed 735 people across 18 locations, with 682 wearing masks (93%). Overall 386 women were wearing masks (31 weren't), while 296 men were wearing masks (22 weren't).

Results from the weekends of July 10-12 and July 3-5 each found over 200 people not wearing masks during the survey. The July 4th weekend survey found 68% of people wearing masks, while the July 10-12 weekend saw 58%.

SRHD says an observational study wasn't conducted the weekend of July 24-26, but plans to conduct more in the future.