POST FALLS, Idaho - A video of a couple at the Post Falls Walmart yelling at a group of teenagers for not wearing masks is now being investigated.

The confrontation happened on Saturday, Aug. 1st.

The video shows the couple yelling at the teens saying, "you are abusing your freedoms."

The women in the video then steps towards the group of teens and hits the camera.

After the confrontation, a parent of one of the teenagers called the Post Falls Police Department and said they wanted to press charges.

Post Falls PD said that they investigated it and recommended that the women be charged with battery, unlawful and unwanted touching, a misdemeanor.

The charges are now being reviewed at the prosecutor's office.

Police said if you are concerned about someone not wearing a mask, to avoid the area.

They said that there is a lot of exceptions to the mask mandate such as health reasons.

Police also hope that you remember to be kind to others, even if you don't agree with their actions.

"These are trying times, people are stressed for multiple reasons, it's important to be kind and courteous," said Capt. Jason Mealer with Post Falls Police Department.