The Washington State Department of Health has announced that some COVID-19 vaccination appointments at the Spokane Arena Mass Vaccination Site are being rescheduled because of delays in the shipment of vaccines due to weather. 

For appointments scheduled for February 19-20:

For people with appointments scheduled this coming Friday and Saturday, you will be receiving an email or text message today directly from the vaccine site with a new date and time next week for their appointment. If you had an appointment on those days, you still have an appointment, the only thing that has changed is the date. 

For appointments scheduled for February 21-22: 

For people with appointments scheduled for this coming Sunday and Monday, you will be receiving phone calls from the Department of Health this week to reschedule your appointment. This change is due to a change in operating hours for the Spokane Arena mass vaccination site, which operates Tuesday-Saturday. 

The Department of Health will call these patients directly. They will know the date and time of the original appointment and will only be rescheduling your appointment, not canceling it. They will not ask you for personal health information, the only questions they will ask to verify your identity are: 

  • Date of birth to confirm identify  
  • Email address to send updated appointment information  
  • They will not ask for financial or other personal identifiable information 

 If you aren't sure of who you're talking to, or want to make sure the call is actually coming from the Department of Health, you can call the DOH COVID-19 hotline at 1-800-525-0127 and press # to talk to a representative. DOH will direct the patient to the correct phone number to confirm their rescheduled appointment.