Sun River Valley Public Schools lift mask mandate

SPOKANE, Wash. -- After the CDC and Washington Governor Jay Inslee announced on Thursday that masks would no longer be required in most indoor settings, businesses and companies both locally and nationwide had to decide whether to continue enforcing masks or drop the mandate from their operations. 

Governor Inslee says that while masks are no longer required, businesses and companies have the right to mandate them still if they choose to. So far, businesses have had mixed reactions to the news, with some keeping the mask mandates in place while others have adopted the new updates from the CDC no longer requiring masks. 

In Spokane, Aunties book store says they will still require customers to wear masks inside their building, citing the low vaccination rates in Spokane county-- currently sitting at 37%. 

Boo Radley's posted a photo of the announcement by Auntie's Book Store, saying they would be following suit and also requiring masks still be worn inside their facilities. 

Ruins took a similar approach, saying they would also still require customers to wear masks due to the low vaccination rates in the state. 

But it isn't just local shops reacting to the new updates, Fred Meyer's announced that they will also be requiring masks be worn inside their stores by employees and customers. "We are encouraging and incentivizing associate vaccinations by offering a $100 one-time payment to associates who receive the recommended doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. As we have throughout the pandemic, we are reviewing current safety practices, the CDC’s latest guidance, and soliciting feedback from associates to guide the next phase of our policy" read a statement submitted by Fred Meyer to media outlets. 

Target, Home Depot, and Starbucks also say they will continue to require masks. 

Two of the more prominent companies to drop the mask mandates for the fully vaccinated: Walmart and Costco.