Spokane Public Schools creates COVID-19 dashboard to keep community informed

SPOKANE, Wash.- Spokane Public Schools has now joined the ranks of several other districts in the county that created a COVID-19 dashboard, listing cases at the district’s various schools. The dashboard is meant to keep families informed about the COVID cases in their communities.

According to the dashboard, the week of October 5-9, there are only two cases at Spokane Public Schools: one at Whitman Elementary and one at North Central High School. Neither one of those cases impacted anyone else at the school. The district also does not say whether the positive case is a student or a staff member, it just says “individual.” The district also notes that neither one of those cases originated from within Spokane Public Schools.

Of course right now only kindergarteners are attending classes in-person. The district, with help from the Spokane Regional Health District, is phasing in grade levels. They started on October 7th with Kindergarteners and at this point there’s no word on when 1st graders would go back. The district previously said there would be at least two weeks between each phase-in, but with the local numbers spiking it may be longer.

The district’s COVID dashboard also lists individuals who are in quarantine,

and notes that an individual can be in quarantine for a case that did not happen within an SPS school or building. There are currently 57 individuals in quarantine, at 28 different schools including the NEWTECH Skills Center and the Spokane Public Montessori School.

The SPS COVID dashboard also lists cases that originated within the school, but right now there aren’t any.