SPOKANE, Wash. - It's the grand reopening for salons and barber shops approved to reopen in phase two.

Douglas McCoy is the co-owner of the House of Pop in downtown Spokane and says while businesses have been given the green light, he's not speeding down the road to reopen.

"We still have things in transit, we have to get compliant," McCoy said. "I have five pages from the state of things that I have to have ready to go when clients get here."

Some of the requirements include providing personal protective equipment like: gloves, masks, and gowns for all of his staff, operating under new hours with staggered shifts for his employees, 50 percent client occupancy requirement, frequent cleaning of high touched surfaces, and the list goes on.

"I have barriers coming for the shampoo bowls, taking all our staff's temperature; We have (to do) so much. Everything is different," McCoy said.

McCoy says added that while they're waiting to be 100 percent compliant under Phase Two, he hasn't given up his craft and is keeping sharp on his skills of cutting hair on mannequins.

"Most of us have still been working at a different level than we are used too, but we are still in it," McCoy said.

McCoy is also looking out for his employees.

"The staff needs time to just mentally adjust to coming back, so we need to give them time as well," McCoy said.

The House of Pop is set to open by June 2, but those dates can change. McCoy asks that you make an appointment and said they will be in touch.