KHQ has now learned that Spokane Superior Court will also suspend any in-person criminal trials that are not in progress until at least February 4.

Similarly to district court, the suspended criminal cases will be continued to Feb. 7 unless the parties agree to a different arrangement.

Civil cases will also be suspended until the 4th.


SPOKANE, Wash. - All criminal and civil jury trials have been suspended in Spokane County District Court. 

The court is still operating under a State of Emergency and will suspend these trials until at least February 14 to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 outbreaks. 

Jury trials will be continued, according to a letter from the court.

"Based upon the court's finding that the danger posed by COVID-19 is an unavoidable and unforeseen circumstances beyond the court's control; the court thereby, finds good cause to continue jury trials," the letter read. 

For anyone who has a trial scheduled during the suspension, the court asks that they report in person to address future scheduling. The court also expects those with trials to make virtual appearances via Zoom if possible.

Read the entire letter from the court: