SPOKANE, Wash- The Spokane Mass Vaccination site is vaccinating a lot of people but when you’re stuck at home the site really means nothing.

Spokane Regional Health says that the vaccination team is working to coordinate with community partners in forming a plan for vaccinating those residents who are homebound.

They anticipate reaching these residents within the next couple of weeks.

Some of the options they’re looking at for these individuals are arranging transportation to a vaccination site, arranging for a medical provider already assisting this person to provide the vaccine, and arranging for one of the mobile vaccination options to come to their home.

The state DOH says another option that could be used is a team of 2-3 person, mobile medical teams, that are vaccination clinics supported by nurses.

DOH says currently they have 2-3 person mobile medical teams that are vaccination clinics supported by nurses providing vaccines in adult family homes. This work is being done in coordination with the local health jurisdiction to provide onsite vaccinations for residents and staff at adult family homes. 

They are anticipating this same process may be needed to support vaccinations for homebound residents in the future.

If you have transportation issues Paratransit services to the mass site have been available. 

They have a door-to-door service available for anyone age 60 and older with proof of ID.

If you have a paratransit bus card, there is no cost. For those over 60 that don’t have a Paratransit bus card, it is $2 each way, $4 for the round trip. 

To schedule a ride, you can call 509-328-1552.