Washington health officials are trying to contain the Coronavirus as super spreader events pop up throughout the state.

Now, as Governor Inslee has tightened restrictions on large gatherings, groups are crossing state line to hold events. 

A very concerned parent told KHQ that a large group of Mt. Spokane students, more than 100, gathered for a dance in Coeur d’Alene. 

After the dance, came the cases and the quarantines.

At last check, more than 150 students are in quarantine

 A district spokesman says they were not aware of the event. But, did issue this statement regarding social gatherings in general:

"The protocols have thus far prevented any in-school transmission, and we are encouraging those in our district to continue to be mindful of guidance from both state and local officials, including social gatherings.”

This isn't the only super spreader event in our region this week.

In Ritzville, 300 people attended a wedding on November 7th. That's ten times what was allowed at the time.

Following the wedding reception, 43 people tested positive for COVID 19.

Spokane Regional Health officer, Frank Velasquez said that his guidance to his kids, is the same he gives to the community in regards to gatherings.

“I have advised them against any event that takes place in a large group. Regardless of how careful we think we are, it is something that we all should look at right now,” said Velasquez. 

Katherine Hoyer with the Panhandle Health District also added that whether you are in Idaho or Washington you should be careful. 

"We all need to take every precaution no matter where we are,” said Hoyer.