cat tales

SPOKANE, Wash. - Arctic foxes Buddy and Jovie are the two newest residents of Cat Tales in North Spokane. They are also the two newest mouths to feed, and in these quarantine times, that's become a little more difficult to do. 

Businesses in our area are certainly feeling the effects of restrictions put into place in an effort to contain the coronavirus, but if there's one thing Spokane does well, in my humble opinion, it's take care of each other.

I think of restaurants that have been shut down. While it's no comparison to dining in, people have been ordering take out to support local businesses and their neighbors. 

Cat Tales needs your help. 

The zoological park has been closed for nearly three weeks during the shutdown and while the humans inside are wading through uncertainty like the rest of us, the residents of the park - the animals - aren't aware of any shutdowns or quarantines. They still need their medicine. They still need their food. 

"The animals don't take a break, they don't go on closure," Executive Director Lisa Wyche said. "They're here all the time and the care is needed."

Winter is a tough time for the park, and as a non-profit, they depend on spring time and the influx of curious tourists and school field trips to provide a much needed cash flow to raise funds to help care for the animals. 

But with schools closed, and social distancing in effect, there's been no activity at the park and that means there's been no money coming in. 

With 7 tons of food needed every month to feed the animals, Lisa is asking for a little help from the community that is always ready to lend a hand. 

The park is accepting donations on their website as well as launching a Facebook fundraiser. They've also made an Amazon wish-list filled with essential items needed to run the park. Or, if you prefer the old fashioned way, you can always give them a call and drop by with a donation. 

The park is keeping tabs of who donates and in May will be drawing a name from the list of donors to receive a lifetime membership to the park.