SPOKANE, Wash. - While businesses are bracing for the latest impacts of COVID-19, some will still be remaining open during the crisis. 

Some of those businesses include gas stations, grocery stores, pharmacies, doctors offices and restaurants. 

KHQ's Peter Maxwell took a look at some businesses that you might have thought would be closing due to the coronavirus, but will actually be remaining open under Governor Jay Inslee's "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" proclamation. 

The first business is bicycle shops. According to the state of Washington, bicycle shops and repairs are an essential business as many people use bikes to commute to work or are now using them to avoid public transportation.

During the pandemic, Bike Hub on Spokane's South Hill is seeing more first-time customers as a result of the stay at home order. 

"We have lots of people coming in for bikes, lots of people coming in for services. Families are encouraged and are having a good time getting out and playing right now. So, there's a lot of people who have bikes that haven't been worked on that need them worked on and lots of families without bikes are coming in to get new bikes," Manager Jon Amand said. 

As the bikes go in and out of the shop, they're being sanitized and the shop is also encouraging social distancing for whoever is inside. 

Another business deemed essential in Washington state is marijuana dispensaries. After speaking with several dispensaries around town, this is what we determined:

  • Shops are limiting the number of people who can come into the stores
  • Shops are not letting customers handle product until after it's been purchased
  • Shops are encouraging social distancing and are wiping down high-traffic areas every hour. 
  • Shops are creating distance between customers and budtenders at check out.

Another essential business that will continue to operate is the laundromats, dry cleaners and industrial laundry services. This was determined because there are many people who might not have a washer or dryer at their home or apartment and therefore it's a matter of public health and hygiene.