Containing the Coronavirus COVID-19

OLYMPIA, Wash. - It is good news. Starting June 30, all industries can return to normal, pre-pandemic operations, except for large indoor event venues.

Governor Jay Inslee making the announcement on Wednesday during a press briefing.

Large indoor event venues are defined as accommodating 10,000 or more people. These venues will be restricted to 75% capacity.

Physical distancing will not be required but attendees must follow masking requirements.

Current mask guidance requires people who are not fully vaccinated to wear masks. People who are fully vaxxed do not need to wear masks but businesses can still require people to mask up.

At the end of July, the state will reevaluate the large event venue capacity.

The state is also working to gain access to additional vaccine numbers from the military. Governor Jay Inslee said there is progress but receiving those numbers is not fully complete. The vaccine number is still not yet at 70%.

If 70% of people 16-years and older receive at least one dose of the COVID-19 the state will open earlier. 

"If we do hit those numbers we will reopen imminently," Gov. Jay Inslee said. 

Currently, the vax rate is at 64%. 

Additionally, Governor Jay Inslee said since the vaccine lottery was announced, people making appointments are roughly up eight percent. 

"We need people to step up to the plate," Gov. Inslee said about people making vaccine appointments. "Every time someone gets a vaccine we strike a blow against this disease."

Over the last few days, people are bringing concern about the vaccine lottery drawing not including those vaccinated through the military or at veteran sites. Gov. Inslee said once the state receives vaccine data from the federal government a stand alone program will be created for military and veterans.