Closed sign, businesses
The President and CEO of the Washington Hospitality Association, Anthony Anton, released a statement on Wednesday after Gov. Jay Inslee announced an extension to COVID-19 restrictions
In the statement, Anton pushes Gov. Inslee to deliver an economic plan that would help businesses that are impacted. 
According to a release from the office of Gov. Inslee, an updated reopening plan is being developed to help provide a path for businesses to open. 
Anton also wrote in the statement that Gov. Inslee said cases would decrease with these restrictions but Anton said he has not seen that happen over the last few weeks. 
Read the full statement here:
"When will main street businesses see a plan from the governor that will pull them back from the brink rather than pushing them over it?
"When the governor substantially shut down the hospitality industry in November, he indicated cases would level off and we expected to see a detailed path to reopening. Seven weeks later, neither of those things are true.

"Hospitality operators are falling deeper in the red, hospitality workers remain out of work, businesses are closing, and household bills are going unpaid."