Wolffy's Hamburgers on Hamilton to permanently close, citing COVID pandemic

A 1950's-style dinner near Gonzaga University is permanently closing on Saturday, according to our partners at The Spokesman-Review

Wolffy's Hamburgers taping a letter to their door about permanently shutting down. 

In the letter, the Davis Family wrote, “it is a sad day when the Governor has the power to force businesses to close. In the last 50+ years while working in the family business, I have seen good times, bad times, war and peace, but if you were willing to work hard and make good decisions, you could provide a better life for your children but I guess that dream along with our other freedoms and liberties will just be kicked to the curb and forgotten.

“And with the will of God and a new Governor, Wolffy’s Hamburgers will return. It has been our family’s honor and privilege to serve you all these years."

The Davis Family said in the letter that Wolffy’s Breakfast, Burgers and Brew in Airway Heights will remain open.