WA state Capitol office

Protesters across the country have been gathering under the banner of "You Have to Disobey," to voice their opposition to statewide stay-home orders. Now, those protests are on their way to the state capitols in Washington and Idaho. 

Protesters will be heading for Boise on Friday, April 17, and to Olympia on Sunday, April 19.

The Washington State Emergency Operations Center released a report showing that one of the current risks is that people are getting fatigued from the stay-home order. 

Dan Koolstra, owner of Accurate Striping in Spokane, said that he is tired of not being able to operate his construction company when, across the border in Idaho, they can.

"I'm spending money out of pocket every payroll, every tax cycle, every insurance payment to try and keep the lights on and to keep my men fed, their wives fed and keep shoes on their children's feet," Koolstra said. "Because when the rubber hits the road, the government can't do that, can't afford it and they don't know the needs of the people."

Koolstra said that if Governor Jay Inslee doesn't reopen the state on May 4, then he will be protesting in downtown Spokane. 

Koolstra isn't the only one who's upset. 

Boise's Friday protest was planned by the Idaho Freedom Foundation. The group has even created stickers that say "Disobey Idaho."

"There is more of us then there is of them," Idaho Freedom Foundation President Wayne Hoffman said in a Facebook Live video, adding that they need to do what is best for themselves. 

"You have to disobey, you have to do what's best for you and your business, the government does not control you," Hoffman said. 

Across the border in Olympia, another protest will be held of Sunday. 

"Rosa Parks didn't get to sit in the front of the bus without protest, Dr. Martin Luther King did not get rights for African Americans to vote without marching the road to Selma. Maybe we, as businesses owners, as tax payers and as citizens of this country need to take a stand," Koolstra said.