KPD investigating 'special circumstances' after woman is allegedly grabbed off street

KENNEWICK, WA- Kennewick Police officers are investigating 'special circumstances' after multiple witnesses called in saying they saw a woman grabbed off of the street and put into a car Monday evening.

Officers say it happened on South Union Street and 19th Avenue in Kennewick. Witnesses say they saw a man grab a woman walking down the street and shove her into a car. 

KPD said that a Missing Person's Report has not been filed yet. They are still investigating and looking at surveillance video from nearby. 

Timoney Wilde, a witness, said she saw the incident after she was leaving a workout at Club 24 and called it into KPD. 

"He got out of his driver's side, literally ran around the front of his car, and grabbed her... It looked like one of those videos that we have seen of people getting snatched in broad daylight," Wilde said. 

Wilde said she watched the woman walk by on the sidewalk of Union. As she started driving down the road she noticed the car in front of her stop and pull off to the side.

She said a man in a baseball cap and hoodie climbed out of the driver's side grabbed the woman from behind and shoved her into the car. 

Wilde said she decided to follow the man and call 9-1-1. She said they went through the roundabout at West 19th Avenue and South Union Street but he took off speeding and she lost him in a neighborhood. 

"It all happened so fast... I have never seen anything like that before. I don't think I will ever forget that license plate number," Wilde said. 

Wilde said the woman had long brown hair and was last seen wearing blue jeans, a colorful flowy shirt, and a mask. She described the vehicle involved as a white Toyota 4-runner. 

Kennewick Police officers said the car in question is registered under two addresses: one in Pasco and one in Kennewick. Officers went to both homes on the day of the alleged crime and found no sign of the woman, man, or the car involved. 

If anyone has any information they are asked to call Kennewick Police (509) 628-0333