Level 3 Sex Offender accidentally released from Franklin County Jail

UPDATE (10/27/2020 5:34 PM): Mr. Carcamo was returned to the Franklin County Correctional Center where he was being held on assault charges and may be facing additional charges related to his escape.

Just after noon Tuesday Mr. Jose Carcamo, age 32, of Pasco was released from the Franklin County Corrections Center after he identified himself as a different prisoner who was due to be released.

The Sheriff’s Office was notified that Mr. Carcamo was at an apartment complex in Kennewick. The Kennewick Police located him and deputies of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office took him into custody without incident at about 7:00 pm.

FRANKLIN COUNTY, WA - Authorities are looking for Jose Eduardo Carcamo after officials accidentally released him from the Franklin County Jail Monday afternoon.

Carcamo, 32, is a Level 3 Sex Offender who was arrested for an unrelated Assault Charge.

Officials say he was released after he posed as an inmated scheduled for release. Officials say Carmaco's height, weight and physical appearance matched the other inmate.

According to the Franklin County Sex Offender Registry, Carcamo is 5' 5" tall and weighs 125 pounds. His last known address was the 6600 block of Wrigley Drive in Pasco.

Anyone with information about Carcamo is urged to call the Franklin County Sheriff's Office at 626-0333.