SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Local businesses say they have never struggled so hard financially. One recent burglary victim believes thieves are preying on shops they know are struggling to pay for security systems and cameras. 
Heather Biggs, a photographer at With Love, Heather says her shop, among others, were broken into on Mother's Day.
She wrote our Help Me Hayley an email about the crime, reading in part, "Hayey I am a small business owner in Spokane Valley. I am a photographer at With Love, Heather. I love what I do so much! As you know times are tough.
"I was in a wreck two years ago and suffered brain damage. My credit is still suffering and dealing with lawyers has been exhausting. Now coronavirus has hit and I am completely out of work. Applied for all loans etc and nothing came through. Mother's Day night someone broke into my business.
"My business is literally everything to me. I am afraid and sick to my stomach that someone would do this at a time like this. I was not the only one in my block of businesses hit hard."

Heather went on to say because money is tight, they haven't been able to cover the internet strength they need for security cameras to operate. She said she feels this is the best thing they can do to deter even more crooks.

She fears thieves are likely staking out businesses and continually taking full advantage of vulnerabilities.

"I don't really profit off of my business, I just get by," she said. "I do it because I love it."

A handful of items were stolen from Heather's shop, and while she has taken some measures to prevent future crime, she worries she can't afford what would truly give her peace when she's away.

"At first, I was mad," she said. "It was so violating. Now, when I'm really thinking about it, it's just sad."

The thieves not only did damage to the building, but they also left behind an ax used in the break-in. If you know anything about this incident, call Spokane Valley PD.