Philadelphia's police departments and FBI agents are requesting tips in order to identify robbery suspects caught on surveillance video footage. 

The suspects, who have committed what is being referred to as a "calculated heist," followed an armored car and pulled up to an ATM in a dark red Chevy Trailblazer. Two men wearing ski masks exited the Chevy and reappeared with two black bags. One of the men held an assault rifle. 

After armored guards opened fire, one suspect dove into the Chevy as the back window shattered and the Chevy peeled away. Police say they also found a handgun and a rifle clip with 40-50 rounds of ammunition on the scene, along with wads of cash and a black bag marked by investigators. 

The FBI collected photos of each man--one is pictured with dreadlocks, and another is pictured wearing all black. 

If you do recognize either of the suspects, authorities say, you should call 9-1-1.