*VIDEO: Alpha News

Newly released video shows protesters punching supporters of President Trump outside the President's rally in Minneapolis.

It happened last Thursday.

In one case, a protester held a man in a headlock. The man was able to break free but another person punched him in the back of his head. He was later punched a second time.

In a separate altercation, a protester punched a woman in the side of the head. The victim in that case was holding hands with a man wearing a "Make America Great Again" sweatshirt. 

“You know, I was walking through there trying to... to be honest, trying to find my out here so I could get a cab to get outta here," one of the victims told local media. "But, uh, basically, yeah, some, uh, one of those people took my hat off. And when I tried to retrieve my hat, then, you know, two, three, maybe four of them kind of mobbed me and got sucker punched once or twice from behind and, yeah, I mean, unfortunately it's not too surprising, considering what I've seen.”

The President's rally happened at the Target Center in Minneapolis.