HD Doppler 6i Interactive Radar

Because weather in the Inland Northwest can change in an instant, it's important to know what will happen, where and when it will fall from the sky, and how it will affect your life. Now, with KHQ's HD Doppler 6i Interactive Radar, you can be your own forecaster.

With just a couple of quick clicks you can track the path of an incoming storm and take a closer look at the cloud cover – even down to the street level outside your house! You can track lightning strikes and see whether the National Weather Service has issued any severe weather alerts in your area. Or, zoom out and go nationwide. It's your choice.

With Futurecast you can track storms for up to 48 hours and click on points of interest for hour-by-hour forecasts. Set it in motion, or go frame by frame.

If you're not sure how HD Doppler 6i works, we've got you covered. KHQ Meteorologist Bill Kelly has two informative video tutorials to get your started. Just click PLAY and you're on your way.

Click here to begin forecasting the weather with KHQ's HD Doppler 6i Interactive Radar.