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!COMMENT: Adams Comm Cemetery
!COMMENT: Adams Parks 1!
!COMMENT: Adams Parks 3!
!COMMENT: Adams Comm 1!
!COMMENT: Asotin Comm 1!
!COMMENT: Asotin Comm 2!
COMMENT: !Ferry co!
COMMENT: !Garfield Co.!
COMMENT: !Grant Co.!
!COMMENT: Okanogan 309 Bonds
!COMMENT: Nespelem Education!
!COMMENT: Pateros Emergency Care!
!COMMENT: Pend Orielle Comm 1!
!COMMENT: Pend Orielle Comm 3!
!COMMENT: Stevens Comm 3!
!COMMENT: Spokane Fire 2!
!COMMENT: Spokane Fire 10!!

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