bigfoot patterson gimlin film

Still from famous 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film

WASHINGTON  - The Federal Bureau of Investigation has released a number of documents from their records vault on Bigfoot. 

The documents date back to 1976 and 1977. They include letters between The Bigfoot Information Center and Exhibition (BIC) and the FBI Lab and paper clippings from Bigfoot sightings and phenomenons. 

The letters outline inquiries from BIC, which researches, "the Bigfoot phenomenon of the Pacific Northwest of the USA," whether or not the FBI Lab was analyzing an unidentified hair and tissue sample and whether or not it was linked to any other known species. 

Letters from the director of BIC, Peter Byrne, were sparked by an article from The Washington Star News, with a photo of Sasquatch caption, "Recognition at Last!"

The article said, "a sample of reputed Sasquatch hair was analyzed by the FBI and found to belong to no known animal."

The documents released outline how multiple people had reached out to the FBI after this article but the FBI were, "unable to locate any references to such examinations."

The documents also say the editor of the publication, Dr. Steve Rice, was contacted in Seattle and asked where he received the information but he was unable to find his source. 

In the early months of 1977, the director of BIC, Peter Byrne, had delivered 15 unidentified hairs and tissue samples related to his search for Bigfoot which the FBI agreed to examine. 

Bigfoot Sample Deer Hair

In a letter to Byrne, the assistant director of the Scientific and Technical Services Division, Jay Cochran Jr., stated that the hairs and tissue were found to be of the deer family origin. 

 The samples were returned with the last letter.