It's a day off for training. This is the start of my work week. Gotta rest those legs, even though I'll be running around with the heavy camera today. I've found it's very important to take a rest day

Ok, this is the first time trying the blog. The picture is from my ride today along Lake Coeur d'Alene. It was rather windy out today. I went out around 11 o'clock and rode out to Higgins Point. It's

BOISE, Idaho (AP) - The owner of a RadioShack in Idaho is taking a cue from a Montana store and offering a free shotgun with the purchase of a satellite television package. Mountain Home store owner John Marshall tells KBOI-TV that business is down and he's willing to try anything to survive. What Do You Think? Leave Your Comment Inside>>>>

Have you filed your taxes yet? If you received Social Security benefits in 2009, you need to know whether or not these benefits are taxable. Get the facts from the Internal Revenue Service about your

Hello, everyone! I hope everyone had a chance to give a little extra love to your heart last month – February is National Heart Health month. Did you know that the same choices that can prevent & control

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Happy Holidays everyone! ‘Tis the season to keep up the campaign to prevent & control diabetes! I know, it can be really tough going this time of year...

This month in Senior Life - pain medicine side effects, the dangers of inactivity, information to help you address hearing aid questions, and the ever-looming "where to live" issue.  Plus, information from our Senior Life Partners.

November marks American Diabetes Month 2009 - in this month's newsletter, you'll find helpful links, a great recipe, and ways you can get involved with the movement to Stop Diabetes.

  Kidney stone prevention, Intel's hopes for your retirement, the truth about those Fall chores and a couple of fun sites to check out! >Details inside

Hi everyone! I'm sending out this month's Diabetes notes a little early, because there are some events I wanted to make sure you were aware of in time to get involved!

Hi Everyone!  This month, it's a special "back-to-school" edition of my Diabetes Newsletter - including information about a local High School Volleyball player with Diabetes, a WSU research project and how you can get involved in the ADA's "School Walk for Diabetes". 

TAKE IT TO HEART- A link between an asthma drug and adverse heart and cerebrovascular effects is being investigated by the United States drug regulator. The US Food and Drug Administration is looking into findings of a study which suggested that Xolair (omalizumab) had caused an increased number cardiovascular and cerebrovascular adverse events.

This month, we're talking about entertainment - specifically, gambling - when does "bingo" become an "oh-no!" Plus, a "Computer Kindergarten" class for seniors!  Also, a new conversation about natural gas with our partners from Avista.  >>Details inside

This month, Stephanie's Diabetes Notes focus on helping teens to deal with the "Ups & Downs of Diabetes" as well as how African Americans can lower risk factors for Type 2 Diabetes.

Spokane, WA  June 3, 2009-  These uncertain economic times have people looking far-and-wide for answers to help them weather the financial storm.  Nearly 300 consumers turned to the experts for help at AARP's "Taking Charge in Tough Times" event.