A Gift of Love: The value of pre-planning your funeral or memorial service

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When a death occurs, it often happens unexpectedly.  Many decisions have to be made by your family within a very short period of time at the time they are the most grief-stricken and the least emotionally equipped to make these decisions.  Pre-planning gives you the opportunity to make an informed business decision in an un-pressured environment, spending as much or as little as you wish, while at the same time ensuring that your wishes are carried out, and most importantly sparing your family from the anxiety and burden of doing so.

I know from very personal experiences that the two biggest questions that family members face when a person passes away are: "What would they have wanted?" and "Did I do the right thing?". 

Pre-planning is the most loving thing one can do for a loved one.  It also guarantees the cost against inflation over time, leaving more money for your family after your death.

However, not all funeral homes and pre-arranged funeral or cremation plans are created equal, as recently popularized by stories in the media.  It is vital to choose wisely when selecting a funeral home provider.  The service aspect of the funeral industry can either help create a smoother path and transition through this most difficult of life's experiences for your family, or it can add to the stress and emotional anxiety already present.  As with every industry, the people and their level of service can make or break your purchasing experience.  Of all things, your family's emotional well-being is not one you want to gamble with.  I would strongly encourage visits to several local funeral homes - the "go with your gut" theory usually speaks volumes and proves true.

The right decision is your decision. Prevent guessing or arguing about what you would have wanted.  An educated pre-arrangement advisor can simplify the process by providing you with your options and guiding you to the plan best suited to fit your wishes and the needs of your family.  Some advisors will even make house calls for those who don't drive, or who aren't comfortable coming to a funeral home. Within a matter of 30-60 minutes, a "painless" uncomplicated business decision can be made that equates to the most selfless gift you could ever give to the people you love the most. 

We, at Dignity Memorial encourage everyone to consider preplanning funeral or cremation options.  Dignity Memorial offers affordable insured payment options.  For further information call Doug Smith at 994-6988. 

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