Programs Available to help with your Avista Bill

Life can be unpredictable and often Seniors on fixed incomes find themselves in a difficult situation with the flucuation of energy costs.

That is why Avista has a CARES Program.  It's a team of Avista employees who are trained to help assist elderly and disabled customers who find themselves in difficulty due to health or other problems.

Here are some of the ways CARES representatives make things better:

  • Help customers better understand their bill and how it can be paid, and make special payment arrangements.
  • Determine if customers qualify for energy assistance grants, other grants or aid, and can give minor budgeting advice on other bills.
  • Help qualifying customers apply for the low income weatherization program.

If you are in this situation, please click the CARES Program.

Also, visit the video on the right of this page to find out about all of the options available for seniors who need assistance.

There is also a listing of helpful links on bottom right of this page to help you find information to help your specific need right now.  


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