UPDATE (9/4/2020 10:02 AM): Daily Evans Canyon Fire Update from Incident Commander Jeff Dimke:
Evans Canyon Fire continues to burn about 8 miles north of Naches, Washington, and into Kittitas County. Results of an infrared flight estimate the fire to be 69,920 acres.
Dozers, hand crews and engine crews will continue direct perimeter control, constructing lines to stop fire spread from reaching the Kittitas Valley, Wenas Valley and Naches. Several strike teams of fire engines are assigned to provide structure protection within and adjacent to the fire area. Crews will continue working to hold and improve existing line.

UPDATE (9/4/2020 9:35 AM): Evacuation Level Lowered for Umptanum Road area.
The Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office has lowered the evacuation level for residences on Overlook Road, Coyote Run Road and Long Tom Canyon Road to Level 2.
Residents who evacuated last night may return to their homes. All residents in this area are advised to continue to be aware of fire conditions.
The fire on the south aspect of Clemans Mtn was from intentional burning to starve the main fire of fuels to keep the main fire from coming down the hill uncontrolled.


UPDATE (9/3/2020 5:58 PM): The Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office has issued Level 2 (Get Set To Go) evacuation notices to residences on Strande Road and Mellergaard Road at the foothills and up the draws, Shushuskin Road and the mouth of Umptanum Road up to Durr Road.


UPDATE (9/3/2020 4:19 PM): The Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office has issued Level 3 (GO NOW!) evacuation notices to residences on Overlook Road, Coyote Run Road and Long Tom Canyon Road due to increased fire activity in the area.

The fire is now 10% contained. 

Fire crews on the Evans Canyon Fire will begin a burnout operation this afternoon on the east side of Clemens Mountain. This burnout operation will remove remaining fuels between the wildfire and a dozer control line. This firing operation will be highly visible from many locations along the Old Naches Highway and beyond. The community should be aware that this is an intentional burning operation to starve the wildfire of flammable vegetation in this area.

 UPDATE (9/3/2020 9:58 AM): Results of an infrared flight conducted last night estimate the fire is approximately 52,000 acres.

Today’s temperatures will be in the mid-80s to 93˚ F. Winds are predicted to be light at 7 to 10 mph, with ridgetop gusts of 20 to 25 mph.

Level 3 evacuation orders are in place for all homes north of Wenas Lake, west of Longmire Lane and north of Naches Wenas Road in Selah, and north to the Kittitas County line. Level 3 evacuations extend south to Wenas Creek, east of Sheep Company Road to the Yakima River and in the Yakima Canyon. 924 residences remain under Level 3 evacuation orders. 

Parts of North Wenas Road, Sheep Company Road and Natches Wenas Road are closed. Highway 821 (Yakima Canyon Highway), BBQ Flats and Wenas recreation areas are closed. The Yakima River Canyon is closed, including boat launches and campgrounds. 

Map 7

 UPDATE (9/2/2020 6:25 PM): If you are an evacuee of the Evan Canyon Fire you can call the Yakima Valley Emergency Management disaster information line at 509-574-1900 and press option 1 to hear a pre-recorded message with basic incident information and shelter support options.

 UPDATE (9/2/2020 3:26 PM): The Evans Canyon Fire has now burned over 30,000 acres.

The Northwest Incident Management Team 12 said the fire is moving to the Northeast towards Ellensburg and Southeast towards Selah, during their press conference Wednesday afternoon.

900 homes have been told to evacuate with level 3 evacuations in place. At this point the fire is at 0% containment and State and Federal assistance has arrived.

UPDATE (9/2/2020 1:25): Level 2 evacuation notice (Be Ready) east of Sheeps Company Rd has been upgraded to a Level 3 evacuation (Go Now).

The Incident Management Team on the Evans Canyon Fire in coordination with Yakima and Kittitas County is closing the Yakima River to recreational activities.

The fire is expected to reach the River in the Umtanum Creek today and possibly areas further south through the Yakima River Canyon. Please refrain from driving highway 821 through the canyon, take I-82.

Map 6

UPDATE (9/2/2020 11:29 AM): Evans Canyon Fire is burning actively about 8 miles north of Naches in Yakima County, Washington.

EVANS CANYON FIRE UPDATE Incident Commander: Jeff Dimke

The fire is moving primarily southeast and northeast, and is driven by winds that are expected to continue until late this evening, challenging containment. Weather forecasts call for a warming and drying trend, with winds of 15 to 18 mph and 25- to 30-mph gusts. Temperatures will be 82 to 86 ˚F.


  • North Wenas Road is closed at Longmire Road.
  • BBQ Flats and Wenas recreation areas are closed.
  • The Yakima River Canyon is now closed, including boat launches and campgrounds.

Firefighting crews will continue to provide protection for communities and structures. Assessments will be conducted to determine the number and locations of lost structures. Crews will work to establish control lines around the perimeter of the fire. We are deploying aircraft to assist firefighting efforts. Additional crews, engines and other equipment have also been ordered.

Evacuation levels 1 (ready), 2 (set), and 3 (go) are currently in use. Level 3 evacuation orders are in place for all homes north of Wenas Lake, west of Longmire Lane and north of Naches Wenas Road in Selah, and north to the (Kittitas) County line. Level 3 evacuations also extend south to Wenas Creek. A level 2 evacuation order is in place to the east of Sheep Company Road to the Yakima River, and in the Yakama Canyon. For evacuation updates, visit the Facebook page @ YakimaCountyOEM. Please be aware of increased fire traffic in the fire area and surrounding communities.


UPDATE (9/2/2020 10:00 AM): Satellite thermal infrared image shows general fire spread and location.

 UPDATE: (9/1/2020 11:45 PM): Level Three Evacuations now in place for residents south of Wenas Rd. to Old Naches Hwy and east to Tibbling Rd. Level 2 Evacuations for residents to the east of Buffalo Rd. next to the Yakima River.

Fire Crews say the fire is heading toward Selah. The Yakima County Emergency Management says the fire is moving quickly southeast. Crews have counted at least 5 buildings have burned. People who live in the Level 3 Evacuation area should evacuate or seriously prepare to evacuate. The Red Cross is standing by at Selah Middle School for anyone who needs shelter.

The fire has now grown to 12,000 acres due to gusty winds and dry ground. 

map 5

UPDATE: (9/1/2020 9:00 PM): Evacuations continue. FEMA has assisted state fire crews and families displaced. So far the fire is at 10,000 acres. The Red Cross is housing 30 people who lost their home. Over 430 buildings have had to be evacuated in the area. The fire is still moving north and east into Kittitas County due to high winds. 

 UPDATE (9/1/2020 6:20 PM): Upgraded Level 2 (Be Ready) evacuation notice west of Sheep Company Rd and N. Wenas Rd. to a level 3 (Go Now) evacuation.

Added new level 2 evacuation area from Sheep Company Rd east ward to Yakima River and northward of N. Wenas. 

Map 4


 UPDATE (9/1/2020 5:43 PM): Level 3 (GO NOW) evacuations extended to the North and East including portions of Kittitas County.

NW winds tonight will keep fire tending move eastward as the terrain dictates.


UPDATE (9/1/2020 5:10 PM): An estimated 5,000-10,000 acres have been burned, and two homes had been damaged. Evacuation orders are in place for approximately 430 homes in the area. 

Additional active fires in the region have constrained fire resources, with nine uncontrolled and three controlled fires in Washington state. 

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has authorized the use of federal funds to help with firefighting costs for the Evans Canyon Fire.

Fire Management Assistance Grants are made available by FEMA to assist in fighting fires that threaten to cause a major disaster. Eligible items can include expenses for field camps; equipment use, repair and replacement; mobilization and demobilization activities; and tools, materials, and supplies. 

UPDATE (9/1/2020 3:12 PM): The Evans Canyon Fire has officially crossed the Kittitas County Line.

Kittitas County Sheriff's Office has initiated level 1 and 2 evacuation notices in the Umptanum and Durr Road areas and has closed the Umptanum Road at the top of the ridge.

Kittitas County Sheriff's Office is asking people to avoid the Umtanum area. Deputies are working with Yakima County and the DNR.

UPDATE (9/1/2020 1:17 PM): The State Fair Park (1301 S. Fair Ave. Yakima, WA 98901) has made stable space and RV parking available to handle farm animals and RVs of residents that had to evacuate the Evans Canyon Fire.

The Yakima EOC may also assist residents with any needed American Red Cross info. Please call 509-574-1919 for more information.

UPDATE (9/1/2020 10:51 AM): Evacuations have been expanded for the Level 3 GO NOW evacuation are to include all homes west of Longmire Lane and north of Naches Wenas Road.

Sheep Company Road North on the Wenas to Longmire is now at level 2 evacuations.

Map 2

YAKIMA COUNTY, WA - Right now level 3 evacuations are in place for the Evans Canyon Fire burning near Selah.

Homes north of the intersection of Longmire Road & North Wenas Road on both sides of North Wenas Road are now under Level 3 GO NOW evacuations and should evacuate immediately.

Homes along Longmire Road and North Wenas Road south of that intersection are under Level 2 Be Ready evacuations and should be ready to leave at a moments notice.

A shelter has been set up at the Selah middle School.

If anyone evacuated should need help, contact Red Cross at 509-594-0016.

If you aren't getting our phone notifications it is pertinent that you sign up for our notification system here: https://www.yakimacounty.us/2222/Alert-Yakima

Map 1

This fire is estimated at 5,000 acres and growing, it is 10% contained. It is threatening 125 structures, power lines, radio towers, and agricultural crops.

The Evans Canyon Fire is burning in grass, brush, and light timber. Washington State Patrol Chief John Batiste authorized the mobilization of state firefighting resources on September 1, 2020, at 12:00 am, at the request of Assistant Fire Chief Jim Lange, Yakima County Fire District 2.

The Evans Canyon Fire started on August 31, 2020, at approximately 2:30 pm.

Mobilization specialists from the Fire Protection Bureau have ordered 4 strike teams. State Fire Marshal’s Office personnel are en route to the scene to coordinate dispatch of resources.

UPDATE (6:30 PM): The Evans Canyon Fire is now reported at 1,000 acres.

Large air tankers have been ordered to help slow the progression.

NACHES, Wash. - The Evans Canyon Fire is burning 200 acres 8 miles NW of Naches.

Air and ground resources on scene. We will post updates as they become available.