Inchelium Complex Fire

UPDATE: SEPT. 15 AT 2:00 P.M.

INCHELIUM, Wash. - Three fires are continuing to burn in a mix of timber and brush on the Colville Indian Reservation: the Fry Fire, Inchelium Highway Fire and Kewa Fields Fire. 

Together, these fires make up the Inchelium Complex Fire, which, as of Tuesday, Sept. 15, has burned 18,940 acres. 

Crews remain at the scene and the fire is now 53% contained. In total, 13 structures have been damaged in the blaze. Crews will also be performing mop up work and strengthening containment lines throughout Tuesday. 

Winds are expected to be light with temperatures in the upper 60s. A weak front that passed through the area Monday night will do little to lesen the inversion over the area. Winds from the south could continue to bring smoke from fires in Oregon and California into the area.


COLVILLE, Wash - Fire crews say three fires are actively burning on the Colville Indian Reservation that comprise the Inchelium Complex Fire: the Fry Fire, the Inchelium Highway Fire, and Kewa Field Fire.

All three fires are being managed as one fire for full suppression. The cause of the fires remain under investigation. 

Here is an update on each fire provided by fire crews: 

Fry Fire (500 acres): Crews will continue to mop up the western edge and hold and secure the north, east, and southern perimeter. A Level 2 evacuation is in effect for residents living near Twin Lakes and Meteor Road including North and South Twin.

Inchelium Highway Fire (6,507 acres): Firefighters will continue to reinforce and further secure all flanks and, when available and visibility permits, utilize aviation assets to support ground forces. A Level 2 evacuation is in effect for residents near Hall Creek Road and Seyler Valley Road.


Kewa Field Fire (10,079 acres): Work will progress to secure containment along the 1049 Road, and suppress an area of slopover that occurred across the road. Work will also continue to secure an anchor point on the southern flank. A new division has been formed for the Stray Dog Canyon area and charged with exploring containment opportunities and determining what actions will be needed to protect structures in the area with the fire’s advance towards the canyon. A Level 3 Evacuation is in effect for Stray Dog Canyon south to the Kewa Fire area. A Level 2 Evacuation is planned to go into effect in the area extending two miles north of Stray Dog Canyon.


Fire crews say while forecasted winds are light, there is a risk of significant fire behavior.