UPDATE: AUG. 30 AT 12:00 P.M.

All evacuations are lifted for Ford Corkscrew Fire.

The fire is 95% contained after burning around 15,768 acres.

Stevens County Fire District 1 is asking everyone to use caution in the fire area. 

UPDATE: AUG. 29 AT 10:00 A.M.

Fire crews have reached over 90% containment Sunday. They expect flare ups to continue during the sunny, dry weather in the forecast and urge that people don't report smoke unless it's near the fire line.

Evacuations are still in place per the map below. A major announcement regarding a change in evacuations is happening Monday. 

ford cork evac AUG 29

UPDATE: AUG. 27 AT 10:16 A.M.

The Ford-Corkscrew Fire is now 74% contained with an estimated area of 15,768 acres.

Crews are working to shore up containment lines and said they expect another increase in containment Friday.

More fire activity is excepted Friday. Crews are protecting large pockets of unburned timber while letting smaller pockets of fuel burn out.

Dust devils (small whirlwinds) have been observed in the area. Fire officials said they can be potentially dangerous as they throw debris and embers which can start spot fires. So far, they've been kept under control. 

dust devil



Overnight on Thursday, crews started working on burn out operations to help eliminate the fuels near the perimeter lines in place.


Stevens County Fire District 1 says crews made significant progress on the Ford Corkscrew fire Wednesday. 

According to their latest update, the fire remains at 14,000 acres in size and is now 14% contained. What's even more encouraging is that they say they have the fire's perimeter 100% contained. 

Stevens County Fire District 1 says that north-easterly winds actually helped push the fire back into the burn area today, and while it did cause a small spot fire, it was quickly caught. More than 200 personnel are assigned to the Ford Corkscrew fire. 

No evacuations or road closures that were in place Tuesday have been changed, but fire officials say they are discussed multiple times each day. 


According to fire crews, great progress was made on the Ford Corkscrew Fire overnight. On Wednesday, crews will be working along the base of the mountains in the Williams Valley, tying lines already put in over the last few days as emergency fire stops.

Fire officials said the goal for today and tomorrow is to "connect the dots" of all the dozer lines so the fire is surrounded. However, you might see a few planed dumping depending on fire behavior. 

Stevens County Fire District 1 is working with Emergency Management to identify lost residences. So far, 18 have been confirmed and more than 800 are still endangered. 

You're asked to avoid the area. Right now, there are a large number of trees that could still fall without warning. 

Fire officials expect evacuations to be in place for several more days. 

UPDATE: AUG. 17 AT 4:00 P.M. 

Stevens County Fire District 1 says on their Facebook page that the fire is now 15,000 acres.

UPDATE: AUG. 17 AT 12 P.M.

WSDOT crews are advising drivers to avoid SR 231 from Ford to Hidden Road.

The 9 mile stretch of highway is expected to remain closed through Thursday. 

UPDATE: AUG. 17 AT 10 A.M.

The Ford Corkscrew Fire has grown to 13,000+ acres and is zero percent contained. Right now, there are 97 people working on the fire, with more on the way.

Today, crews will work on connecting the dozer line on the fire front between Ford and Tumtum as well as holding the fireline west of Scott's Valley Road. Crews will continue to work north along 231 constructing a dozer line on the western side of the fire. 

There are 23 engines, two dozers and three tenders.


The Stevens County Sheriff's Office said the Ford Corkscrew Fire was quiet overnight, but still continued its slow advance north along the Five Sisters ridge and south into the Scotts Valley-Corkscrew area.

There are no new evacuations from the last update. 

Crews are working hard to get the fire under control.

UPDATE: AUG. 16 AT 9:30 P.M.

Additional level 3 evacuations have been issued for the area from Ford south to the county line and east along the river to Tum Tum.

According to Stevens County Fire District 1, the Ford Corkscrew Fire continues to be fast moving.

A Red Cross shelter has been changed to the Deer Park High School.

UPDATE: AUG. 16 AT 8:41 P.M.

According to DNR, the Ford Corkscrew Fire is burning 8,000 acres. 

Level 3 evacuations remain in place. Stevens County first responders are asking for people in the area to sign up for emergency alerts. 

evacuation 8.16.21

You can sign up to have alerts sent to your phone here

UPDATE: AUG. 16 AT 3:00 P.M.

More level 3 evacuations have been called for the Loon Lake area. 

The evacuation area has expanded northeast from Ford to Loon Lake, here's a a map from Stevens County Sheriff's office.



Late Sunday night, fire officials listed the fire as 3,500 acres in size.

Additional Level 3 evacuations were put in place for Sanctuary Road to Bald Mountain South, to Scotts Valley. 

All of Rail Canyon Road has been shut down according to officials. 


Another update shared by Stevens County Emergency Management says that the fire has grown to 2,000 acres in size, and structures have been lost.

Level 3 evacuations have been expanded to include all of Rail Canyon Road. Level 1 evacuations are in place from Highway 231 to Scott's Valley. 


The Ford Corkscrew Fire is now burning 1,200 acres. An incident management team has been requested for the fire. 

Level 3 evacuations are in place for from Happy Hills Road to Rail Canyon Road. Level 2 evacuations were upped for Ford to Kurt's Corner to the north end of Reservation road.

A shelter is set up at Wellpinit High School and the Red Cross has requested a shelter at Springdale High School. 


The evacuation area for the fire, named the Ford Corkscrew Fire, has been extended to the Happy Hill Road area for the fast moving brush fire. The area is bordered by Corkscrew Canyon to Happy Hills Road and SR231 according to the Stevens County Fire District.


FORD, Wash. - Level 3 “Go Now” evacuations have been issued for the area north of 5821 HWY 231 to Ford.

At 1:45 pm units arrived on scene of a 5 acre fire burning along Highway 231.

A request was made around 2:00 pm pm to close Highway Highway 231. 

Two Fire bosses and Two Scooper aircraft have been ordered.

Multiple units are responding and boaters are being warned as crews may use both Loon Lake and Long Lake to get water.

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.