I've never heard of an eSports Tournament? What is it? 

Basically, it's a group of people who play the same video game at the same time. Players are organized into brackets based on skill level. As the tournament progresses, players are eliminated until a champion is crowned.

In this eSports tournament, the game is NBA 2k20 1-v-1!

I'm not very good at video games, I'd probably just lose in the first round, right? 

WRONG! This tournament is our way of reaching out to players of all skill levels who miss basketball events like Hoopfest, or even just shooting hoops with friends.

This tournament is designed to make sure everyone from the beginners all the way to the pro players have a good time!

We want this to be a community-driven event where families can play together, where friends can compete against one another and everyone walks away with a good time and a story to share.

We have several divisions to make sure the competition is fair and fun for everyone: Youth (6-13), High School (14-18), Open (19+), Elite 

What hardware do I need? 

You need a copy of the game, a way to play it and a way to stream it. 

We have brackets for players using Playtation 4, Xbox One and PCs. 

I'm pretty sure I'm better than everyone else, but why should I sign up for Elite Bracket? 

Three words: Fame and Fortune! 

Everyone in the elite bracket is competing for $2,000 in prize money! 

On top of those bragging rights, we’ll also be broadcasting the final stages of the tournament live on SWX-TV. 

Why do I have to have a PC to play in the Elite Bracket? 

Because we are showing the Elite Bracket on TV we want to make sure the stream doesn't cut out. 

How can my friends and family watch the tournament?

All divisions will be streamed on JustAddMonsters.com as well as on Facebook. There will be announcers who will be covering the action just like a real basketball tournament. 

I like free stuff. Is there a chance to get any swag or prizes if I play in the tournament? 

Yes! We’ve gone all out with a bunch of great stuff for the other brackets including Just Add Monsters t-shirts, hats, an official Hoopfest basketball and Hooptown apparel. You gotta sign up for the tournament if you want a chance to win! 

OK, You've convinced me. What is the link to sign up? 

You can click HERE to sign up. Once you're done tell your friends to go to JustAddMonsters.com to sign up too. The link to register is not hard to miss. Just look for the link in the upper right hand corner of the page.