SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. -- A woman is searching for the owner of an item she found on a gravel road in far North Spokane County. She says it was what was inside the item that has her so driven to fine who was intended to have it.

"I just picked it up and put it in my pocket," said Jenna McKenzie. "It was right there on the gravel... a very nice buck knife."

But it wasn't until Jenna got home and took the knife out of the leather case that she realized what she'd found.

"This letter was in there, wrapped up," she said. "The letter is dated June 26th, 2020."

The letter reads, 'Dear Logan, I'm giving you my trusty Buck Knife which I have had for over 45 years. This knife has cleaned geese, ducks, deer, elk and pheasants. It carries so many fond memories for me. I hope it will give you as many memories. I hope you will pass on many memories to your children and grandchildren. When I decided that it was time for me to stop hunting and pass on my memories, you were the person I knew would be the perfect person to hunt and fish and carry on the traditions. Hope you have the memories I have had with this knife. Love, Grandpa'

Family letter found with knife

"The letter was so personal," Jenna said. "Logan is obviously very important to is grandfather."

Jenna found the knife months ago, tried to find Logan herself but couldn't. That's why she came to me to come to you. If you know who could be the rightful owner of this knife, please connect with us so we can connect you with Jenna.

"Finding this knife was one thing, but finding the letter inside of it was a completely different story," she said. "Especially in these times, family is important, and it's important to keep our loves ones near. I just hope we can find him."

If you can help, email hayley@khq.com.