SPOKANE, Wash. – For the last several weeks, we have received hundreds and hundreds of submissions for our latest ‘Renew-A-Ride’ giveaway. Through a partnership with sponsors, one local family has won a safe and reliable set of wheels.

Our latest winner, Kamryn Nuttman, was nominated by her mother.

In her official submission, Jodi Nuttman wrote, ‘Kamryn Nuttman is an extremely hard working single mom of an almost 2 year old girl named Eleanor. Kam is in her last quarter of college at EWU, and also works part time at the EWU children’s center. She had been saving for a down payment on a new to her car, but when COVID hit, her work closed down for a while, and she had to use that savings for living expenses. Her daughter has appts at Seattle Children’s several times a year, and the car she has now is *ok*, but isn’t the best, especially with all the traveling across the state. Kamryn works very hard to make a good life for her and Eleanor, and since she’s been born, Kam has been on the Deans list almost every quarter. I’d love to see them in a nice, safe vehicle, and have some good luck come their way.’

Wednesday afternoon, it did. Kamryn was told the family had to pick up a loved one from Subaru of Spokane. Quickly after arriving, Kamryn learned she was in for the surprise of a lifetime.

“My heart…it feels like it’s going to beat out of my chest,” she said.

Jodi says as soon as she heard about the latest ‘Renew-a-Ride’ campaign, she couldn’t’ think of anyone more deserving than her daughter.

“It's hard to watch her deal with it all… but she never complains,” she said.

Kamryn is a single mother of a toddler named Eleanor.

“It’s been a lot having her by myself and going to school and work,” she said.

Also on their busy schedule is regular doctor’s appointments for Elenaor. She has an issue with her leg, and the struggle to get answers about what is wrong has been a lengthy one.

“We are not sure what the issue is with her leg right now,” she said. “We're trying to figure that out. It's a lot of long trips. She is so good.”

Kamryn’s previous vehicle has more than 100,000 miles the family said. They also frequently worried during trips to the doctor o

“They were over a few times this winter, and I always a worry about them with the pass,” Jodi said.

But that stress is now in the rearview for not one but two deserving ladies, both Kamryn and her daughter.

“(We) both won, yes, it's true,” she said.

We have another ‘Renew-a-Ride’ campaign coming in the Fall, with a winner set to be announced around Christmas.