The family of Mark Willard has been found and his ashes are back with loved ones. 


SPOKANE, Wash. - A couple is looking to reunite a family with an urn they mistakenly purchased at the downtown Goodwill.

"My husband bought a wooden box at the Goodwill on 3rd," said Judylynn Reilly. "He thought it was a paperweight or something. It was kind of heavy."

The couple moved shortly after the purchase and have only recently given it a closer look.

"The top was just kind of screwed on," she said. "But, it was obvious something was in it."

Further examination showed this was so much more than a beautiful box. The bottom had the name 'Mark Willard, and inside, they found ashes.

"It just floored me," she said. "I didn't know what to think."

The couple estimates they purchased the box some time in early 2020. They are now desperate to find a family member who they fear may have mistakenly donated the item.

"It's hard to think it would end up at a Goodwill, but it's also hard to think Goodwill would sell them," she said. "It broke our heart. I have ashes of my dad that means the world to me. (Someone) could be really missing this."

The family is not sure where 'Mark Willard' lived or passed. They are hopeful someone will recognize the details on the urn and reach out to our 'Help Me Hayley.' Judylynn says they just want to do the right thing.

If you can help, email hayley@khq.com.